Since the dawn of Mankind, SEOs have been spewing the tired and banal overture:


This single phrase, seemingly innocuous in its trite and habitual usage, has done more to destroy our industry than Matt Cutts and "Content is King" combined. This mindless uttering must finally come to an end, and we hope you will join the cause of extinguishing its foul flame from our vocational vernacular.

Before you take up arms against your fellow SEOs and implore them to stop saying "from an SEO perspective" or its variations, let us offer some ammunition, a couple of bullets to explain why its use is pernicious.

Nobody cares about an SEO perspective,
but they should care about SEO.

From a business perspective, SEO makes a lot of sense. And that's the only perspective that matters. If your recommendations only hinge on an "SEO perspective" then you don't understand SEO's place in the big picture.

It's also used to admit defeat, or rather, surrender. "From an SEO perspective" says "I understand you're not going to implement this, but I still have to recommend it because I'm hired to do SEO and not think about the bigger picture". This is why you lose the implementation battle!

Next time you want to say "from an SEO perspective", grow some PageRank and stand up for yourself, your recommendations and SEO. Here's how to do it right:

SEO is a means to an end, and that end is what will get your recommendations implemented and your contract renewed. If that's not your perspective, then you aren't an SEO.

Still not convinced? Maybe this beautiful kitten will persuade you.

Who are we?

Clayburn Griffin

Clayburn is an accomplished SEO and content marketer in New York City. He has lent his expertise to many Fortune 500 companies in a diverse range of industries. Clayburn's approach to SEO is a holistic one that brings solutions to real business problems. He knows the importance of contextualizing SEO within the larger framework of marketing and instills this philosophy in others. His frustration over the phrase "from an SEO perspective" reached a tipping point in mid-2013 and inspired him to create this website along with friend and co-worker Paul Shapiro. When he's not SEOing, Clayburn is probably watching TV, writing and/or juggling things.

Paul Shapiro

Paul Shapiro is a search marketer that loves to take both a technical and creative approach to SEO. Currently working with enterprise clients in New York City doing their SEO, Paul also likes to dabble in other areas digital marketing, especially social media (not that they should be separated). He is a bit of web developer and is very fond of horror movies.

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